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At Florida Air Express, we have developed a stellar reputation for providing top-quality AC and Heating Services in Lakeland and Polk County, Florida. We are now pleased to offer some exciting new home services, including some of the best pool heaters in the industry for your year-round swimming enjoyment that feature the quality, efficiency, and affordability our customers expect.

pool heather installation in lakeland, flFlorida Air Express is proud to offer the full line of GulfStream swimming pool heat pump – pool heaters. Family-owned and operated, GulfStream has been a leading manufacturer of top-quality pool heaters for more than 30 years, and they are manufactured right here in the Sunshine State.

Why Your Swimming Pool in Florida Needs a Heater

Although winters here in the Winter Haven area are relatively mild, outdoor winter temps in the 50s and 60s are still a bit chilly for a dip in the pool for most Floridians. The beauty of a pool heater is that it will keep your swimming pool at a comfortable temperature all year long – and it does it completely automatically. So, whether you want to go for a swim at 10 a.m. or midnight, your pool will always be at the perfect temperature. Plus, if you have a spa, you can also control the temperature with your GulfStream pool heater.

Performance Makes the Difference

Key High-Performance Features

  • Titanium Turbo Heat Exchanger provides full flow and heat transfer for efficient performance on cooler days. Extremely durable corrosion-free 100% titanium housing withstands all climates.
  • Ultra-quiet 825rpm Fan Motor rated at a low 56db won’t interfere with your activities.
  • Over-sized Evaporator Coil (patent pending) is the largest in the pool heating industry for better performance in cold weather.
  • Thermal Expansion Valve ensures maximum refrigerant efficiency for all-weather use.
  • R-410A Refrigerant optimized for all seasons.
  • UV-Protected ABS Cabinet is rattle-free and rust-proof for maximum protection and durability against extreme weather conditions in hot, humid, and cold climates.

Solar-Ready Intelligent LCD Control Panel

All GulfStream pool heater models are solar-ready and include an intelligent LCD panel that makes it simple to automate heating for both your pool and spa, maintaining the perfect water temperature setting without needing additional equipment. Built-in triple thermostat controls for individual pool, spa, and solar heating settings for optimum water comfort and enjoyment.

Swimming Pool Heater Models

We offer single-phase and three-phase pool heaters that will meet the heating needs of any size swimming pool. You can also control the heating of your spa with a single device. Our friendly and trained heating specialists will help you select the right pool heater for your swimming pool and spa needs. We also provide professional installation, maintenance, and repair. Financing is available.

pool heater installation in lakeland, fl

HE 110*

BTU/COP: 115,000/6.8
Min. Amps/Max. Breaker: 37/40
Weight: 215 lbs.

pool heater installation in auburndale, fl

HE 125*

BTU/COP: 125,000/6.6
Min. Amps/Max. Breaker: 37/50
Weight: 237 lbs.

pool heater installation in lake alfred, fl

HE 150*

BTU/COP: 142,000/6.62
Min. Amps/Max. Breaker: 37/50
Weight: 239 lbs.

How Do GulfStream Pool Heaters Work?

A GulfStream pool heater is essentially a heat pump. It works on the same principle as a refrigerator, except that it heats instead of cools. First, the warm outside air is drawn into the evaporator coil inside the heat pump, heating the refrigerant. Next, the heated refrigerant liquid flows through the Titanium heat exchanger as pool water flows into the super-heated titanium tubing. Lastly, the heated water flows back out into the swimming pool. A built-in thermostat allows you to adjust the water temperature.

pool heater installation in lakeland, flWhy Choose Florida Air Express & GulfStream for Pool Heating

Lowest Cost of Operation

    • GulfStream heat pumps have the lowest cost of operation compared to pool heaters that use natural gas, liquid propane, or electricity.

Unmatched Reliability

    • GulfStream performs computerized tests on every pool heater it manufactures, ensuring every unit is in perfect operating condition before leaving the factory.

Higher Efficiency

    • GulfStream Heat Pumps are 20% more efficient than other leading brands for faster heating using less energy.

AHRI- Certified

    • All GulfStream pool heater models are certified by the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI). It is your assurance that the pool heater models have been independently tested to ensure performance per published specifications.

Full 10-Year Warranty

    • Your swimming pool heater is backed by Gulfstream’s full 10-year, no-nonsense warranty – a testament to its quality, durability, and reliability. In addition, there are no repair or trip charges for full-warranty repairs. Parts warranty begins on the date of installation. See warranty certificate for complete details.

Made In Florida

    • Both Florida Air Express and Gulfstream are based in Florida with more than 30 years industry experience. GulfStream Manufacturing is not only based in Florida, but they have also been manufacturing top-quality pool heating equipment in its state-of-the-art Florida facility for more than three decades. Only the highest quality components meet its strict standards, so you can be sure you are getting a top-quality pool heater that will continue to perform year after year.

Pretty young woman in the swimming poolSolar-Ready Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heaters – Sales & Service

Enjoy year-round swimming regardless of the outside temperature with our selection of high-performance, energy-efficient pool heaters for pools and spas of all sizes. We provide delivery and professional installation throughout Winter Haven and Polk County. Contact us for a free estimate today! Financing is also available.

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