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Florida Air Express doesn’t just offer expert HVAC service and installation across Winter Haven, Auburndale, Lake Wales, and Polk County. We are also your air filtration in auburndale, flprofessional air quality systems technicians. Not only is the temperature of your home important, but the quality of the air inside your home can also make a big difference for your family. The condition of our home’s air is often something that we take for granted or assume that it is fine, but that really isn’t always the case. If you’ve never had your home’s air tested, you may have contaminants like dust and mold making you and your family sick, and you don’t even realize it. Our team doesn’t want something so easily managed to go unrecognized. Together, we can develop an air quality solution that meets your home and family’s needs.

Most homes do not have the right amount of humidity that people require to feel comfortable. There needs to be the proper moisture level in the air so that it isn’t too dry or damp. It is challenging to keep your humidity level in the correct zone, so we often have to rely on a humidifier or dehumidifier depending on the specific need. In Florida, we often have our air conditioners on for long periods due to the relentless humidity. This can both raise the cost of your utility bill and disturb moisture levels in your home. If you use a dehumidifier while it is hot outside, you can avoid overuse of your air conditioner by pulling the humidity out of the air without the help of your AC system.

Air Purifiers

If anyone in your home suffers from allergies or you would like to avoid pollutants like mold and bacteria, an air purifier can help. FAE offers air purifiers for customers concerned with in-home air quality. There are air purifier options that we can attach to your central air conditioner. These do double duty by cooling your home and keeping the air clean at the same time.

System Upgrades

Another way to make sure that your air quality is top-notch is by not running an old unit. If your system is over ten years old, your ductwork is probably the same age. Most of the time, people don’t remember to clean their systems as needed, and dust will accumulate. If you’re committed to keeping the best air quality in your home, an upgraded system can help you do that. Not only will a new unit be a great addition, but new ductwork also improves air quality throughout your home.

florida air expressImprove Your Air Quality

Florida Air Express is committed to improving air quality in homes all across Polk County. We are local and understand how our area’s climate can affect everything from your home’s humidity to the temperature. Give us a call today at (863) 229-0137 for a free air quality estimate and to discuss the system that is right for your home. Our experts can help you decide how best to approach improving air quality for your family.

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Florida Air Express has professional services and employees. They were courteous and helpful. They helped me choose the right equipment that I needed for my home. The new technology is wonderful. I got a fair price for the materials and labor. They even have a finance option that really helps out in today’s economy. If your looking for a company that cares and is ready to help with your A\C to keep you cool, contact Florida Air Express.

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