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Energy Savings

There’s a reason why Florida Air Express only uses the Comfortmaker brand for all heating and cooling installations. After many years in the business, we have come to see what works best in the humid and unrelenting Central Florida summers. We only want to offer a brand that can give our customers the comfort level they’re looking for with the best energy efficiency on the market. Many product lines with other brands can provide you with one without the other, making our job more challenging. If you’re looking to replace your heating and cooling system soon, we would love to talk to you about your goals.

energy savings with a cute doggo Why Energy Savings?

Many homes in Winter Haven, Lakeland, Kathleen, and across Polk County were built somewhere between 25 and 30 years ago. Some even older than that. If you’ve never replaced your HVAC system and the ductwork, you’re no doubt losing money every day. Even if you upgraded 15 years ago, you might be paying more than 20% more on your energy bill to heat and cool your home. Unlike the older HVAC models in most residences, newer central Air Conditioning systems must pass higher efficiency standards that the U.S. Department of Energy has in place. The Environmental Protection Agency also requires standards through the STAR program that are necessary.

Florida Air Express and Comfortmaker

As a company, we have seen how certain brands hold up in the Florida heat. We get calls every day to repair units that can’t stand up to high demand in the summer. With all of our HVAC experience, the brand that we can rely on for our customers time and time again is Comfortmaker. We have not found a better option for customers looking for energy efficiency and budget-friendly products. If you call us for a new heating or cooling system, our technicians can walk you through both the Comfortmaker Ion and Performance series selections. You can request to add an Ion Zoning System to your unit to control the temperatures by room. This helps maximize your energy efficiency and total comfort. We know how important it is to get the correct tonnage for your new unit. Your unit can be either too big or too small to cool and heat your home. If your system isn’t the right size for your home, you’re not saving any energy or money.

energy savings with hvacWork With The Pros

Working with a professional HVAC company is paramount for energy savings. You need the right Air Conditioning contractor, the best brand, and the correct installation techniques to get the most out of your unit. It takes years to understand the ins and outs of installing energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. At Florida Air Express, we want to help you get the most out of your unit, and we work to meet or exceed the 14 SEER rating required for our region. Most times, we exceed this efficiency measurement. Call us today at (863) 229-0137 to talk with our professionals. We offer free estimates as well as repairs and installation services to those across Polk County.

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Florida Air Express has professional services and employees. They were courteous and helpful. They helped me choose the right equipment that I needed for my home. The new technology is wonderful. I got a fair price for the materials and labor. They even have a finance option that really helps out in today’s economy. If your looking for a company that cares and is ready to help with your A\C to keep you cool, contact Florida Air Express.

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