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Buying a new home is a big step in a person’s life. At Florida Air Express, we want to ensure that you have everything you need to stay cool during even the hottest summer months. Your air conditioning unit is not often the first thing you think about when purchasing a new home. If your system isn’t suitable for your home, it will become a big problem as soon as the temperatures begin to creep into the 80s across Winter Haven, Lakeland and Polk County.

Residential Air Conditioners

Especially when moving into a previously owned home, you want to make sure that the existing unit has the power to cool the entire house. There is also such thing as installed systems being far too large for space as a whole, which causes additional issues.  The only way to determine if you have the best setup for your HVAC needs is to work with local professionals like our team at FLORIDA AIR EXPRESS.

If your new home is ground-up construction, you’ll find that there are many options to choose from when it comes to picking your air conditioning system. Here are the things to consider before deciding to purchase a new air conditioner for your home:

How big is the home? The size of the space you’re trying to cool will determine precisely what kind of system you will need. What is your budget? There are great options at any cost, but knowing how much you’re willing to invest in your unit will allow us to direct you to the Comfortmaker system that works for your price and budget. Are you looking for efficiency? If efficiency is important to you, make sure you’re choosing an option with the best SEER rating.

After considering these questions (and receiving answers), our HVAC experts will help you decide on an air conditioning system that meets all of your specifications. We also need to understand these answers to provide you with the system with the appropriate tonnage.

High-Quality Products

We only offer the best products for our central Florida customers. If we wouldn’t have it in our own home, we would not supply it to you. Our preferred brand is Comfortmaker, and we also suggest Sensi Predict to those in Polk County. Sensi Predict is a smart HVAC solution that helps keep an eye on your total HVAC system’s integrity and functionality. This predictive maintenance solution coupled with our full diagnostic report will give you a complete picture of your system’s health and what repairs will be necessary to keep it functioning at its best. It allows remote and constant monitoring of your AC system’s performance and can be installed on new or existing units. Our goal at FLORIDA AIR EXPRESS is to take the guesswork out of maintaining your air conditioning system.

New to Florida?

If you’re new to this area, we can help you figure out how to maintain comfort during the harsh summer. Especially if you’re not used to a hot and humid climate, investing in the best air conditioner for your home will be a top priority.

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Florida Air Express wants to help you achieve maximum comfort in your new home. Give us a call today at (863) 229-0137 for a free estimate on our products and services. We also offer financing for approved customers.

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Florida Air Express has professional services and employees. They were courteous and helpful. They helped me choose the right equipment that I needed for my home. The new technology is wonderful. I got a fair price for the materials and labor. They even have a finance option that really helps out in today’s economy. If your looking for a company that cares and is ready to help with your A\C to keep you cool, contact Florida Air Express.

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