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We offer air conditioning installation and repair to Winter Haven, Lakeland, and all of Polk County, FL.

The short answer is at least once a year. A lot can happen to your unit throughout the year and to keep it working its best, you should have a Florida Air Express professional out for a full diagnostic report and recommended Air Conditioning service.

One of the best things about working with our crew is that every service call and/or repair includes a Full System Diagnostic Report. This makes us different from our competitors because they usually just fix what you request without looking into the whole system. We do an analysis of the entire AC system to get a whole understanding of how your unit is performing and if there is any maintenance needed. You will receive the following services and feedback in your report:

  • Status pressure check in the ductwork
  • Freon level check
  • Reading of the voltage on your condenser and the air handler.
  • Analysis of your CFM (cubic foot per minute cooled)
  • Visual inspection inside and out with accompanying photo documentation

It depends on how well you care for it. On average you can expect about 10 to 15 years of use out of any HVAC system. Most also come with warranties. If you stay up on the recommended maintenance, you can expect to get the maximum amount of use out of your Air Conditioning unit.

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This measures how your unit cools and how much energy it took to get at that cooling level. If you have a high rating that means that your Air Conditioning is more energy efficient. This helps us determine how well your unit is working to cool your space.

The short answer is the amount of energy efficiency. Federal government mandates require at least a 14 SEER unit, and these typically are more than 20 percent more energy efficient than HVAC units in the past. The 16 SEER units use even less energy, saving you money on cooling your home or office. Other differences include the types of compressors for each and how they function to cool off your home or building. Depending on the unit you choose, the run time can be longer. If your unit is not running at the appropriate SEER rating, it may not have been properly installed. One of our experts can determine the cause of this and also walk you through the process of getting your unit up to standard.

To be safe, you definitely should have them replaced. Mixing an older indoor evaporator coil with a new unit will not have your recent Air Conditioning investment working its best. One of our HVAC experts can help you choose the best coil for your new system. Upgrading your coil at the same time as your unit will allow your system to be as energy efficient as possible.

These are air conditioners that have both an indoor and outdoor unit. You will find the compressor/condenser outside and the air handler/evaporator coil on the inside. These are very common in-home systems because it reduces energy costs but performs tremendously.

Bigger isn’t always better. This is not the time to try to overcompensate by getting the largest unit thinking that it will cool your home or office more efficiently. An oversized Air Conditioning can cause excessive humidity and will not be energy efficient.

Sometimes upgrading your Air Conditioning system can be a good place to start, especially if your unit is on the older side. Other options are working with a contractor for energy-efficient home improvements.

We always recommend Comfortmaker HVAC systems. There are equipment options available for every size of home or business and the warranty associated with the products is top of the line.

It depends on the type of filter you have. In general, for disposable filters, you should replace them at least once per month. Changing your filter on schedule helps your unit remain in the best condition possible.

You should have them professionally cleaned at least every 2 to 3 years. You can elect to have them cleared more often if you notice a difference in your airflow or you have allergy issues.

Reach out to us online or give us a call directly at 863.229.0317.

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