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Is your air conditioner not cooling your home? From relatively basic issues like an improperly adjusted thermostat or a filthy filter, to a more complex situation requiring component replacement, there are a lot of reasons why your air conditioner may be operating but not cooling the temperature in the house. This can be a real headache, especially for those that live in the desert or tropical regions, but below are some common causes of inadequate cooling and what you can do about it.

Your A/C is Too Small

If you’ve just installed a new air conditioning system, and your residence is not getting as cool as it should be, it is possible that the machine is too small. The A/C unit you purchase must be compatible with the room size where you intend to install it.

The Filter Has Become Clogged

Air conditioning systems have filters that must be periodically cleaned, but many people either don’t know this or forget to do it. This leads to a scenario where mold, dust or debris can accumulate, eventually blocking the flow of air which prevents the A/C from cooling normally. The first thing you’ll want to do is inspect your filter, and if it’s dirty, you may want to get it replaced by an HVAC technician.

The Compressor is Damaged

The compressor is responsible for compressing coolant or refrigerant and will circulate this substance throughout the condenser and evaporator coil. It plays a fundamental role in the cooling process but if it becomes defective its cooling cycle will not begin which will prevent the A/C from cooling.

The Refrigerant Levels are Too Low

Every A/C system needs a specific amount of refrigerant in order to function correctly. If the refrigerant level falls below this threshold, you’ll notice degradation in cooling capacity. While it is possible to refill the refrigerant yourself, it is advised to hire a technician as this substance can be hazardous especially if it gets into your eyes.

Your Thermostat Has Malfunctioned

The thermostat acts as a sensor that detects room temperature and prompts the A/C compressor to stop or initiate a cooling cycle. However, when your thermostat malfunctions, the air conditioning will not cool properly.

The Outdoor Portion is Damaged

While newer A/C systems are fully situated within buildings, older models have a portion that sticks outside, which you’ve probably seen when walking by or visiting apartment buildings. The problem with such units is that because the outdoor part is exposed to grime, sunlight and rain, it is subject to greater damage and wear than the internal portion. If it is at ground level or close to trees or bushes, foliage may get inside which can obstruct airflow. Other internal A/C parts that can go bad include the motor, control board or capacitor.

Get Your Air Conditioner Fixed with Florida Air Express

In order to get to the root cause accurately when your air conditioner is not working well, you need to contact a trustworthy HVAC company such as Florida Air Express. It’s vital not just for your comfort, but also for the health of your air conditioning system. Leaving your air conditioner running when it isn’t effectively cooling your house will turn a minor problem into a significant system replacement that will cost you lots. Take heed, folks!

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