Reducing Heat Loss and Lowering Energy Bills

Some might not realize it, but it takes more than just insulation to make a house energy-efficient. You need to control how much heat escapes the building by preventing air leaks and applying high-quality insulation everywhere it’s needed. Easier said than done, but this reducing heat loss can lower your utility bills and reduce consumption of fossil fuels—as well as benefit Mother Earth!

Attic Insulation

Attics and roofs are two areas where reducing heat loss in the average home can make a significant difference with your electricity bill. Air sealing, quality insulation and other improvements will prevent air movement between the inside of your home and outside environment. It will also block heat loss and moisture accumulation.

As a result, energy efficiency will be ensured not just in the summer, but in the winter as well. A well-sealed attic will keep heat from escaping in the winter and prevent warm air from entering during summer months. Most importantly, that means you’ll be comfortable all year long!

Air Ventilation

Air circulation is key to proper attic function, because when they’re leaking air, they’re far more likely to cause issues, like developing moisture and causing you to lose all your cool AC during the summer! Thankfully, good ventilation and air circulation can save you from moisture accumulation in these sorts of conditions. Make sure both your insulation AND your ventilation are up to snuff for proper functionality of your unit.

Basement Insulation

Since they so commonly fall into the ‘out of sight, out of mind’, basements are often ignored when it comes to the trials of reducing heat loss. Insulating your home properly can help the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning run more smoothly. This will lower your energy bills, so don’t balk at a good investment!

A well-insulated basement improves energy efficiency, is more comfortable season after season, and will contribute to a safer building.

Air Leakage

Air leakage has a significant impact on the energy efficiency of every home. In fact, many professional contractors recommend fixing air leaks at the same time as upgrading insulation. Wasted energy is a concern when heat and cooling escape through leaks. The most effective way to improve the efficiency of your home’s insulation is not only to add more but also address any air leakage problems.

Windows and Doors

Heat is lost when air escapes through cracks around doors and windows. By weatherizing the building envelope, you’ll feel a lot better, and heating/cooling losses can be reduced effectively. One way to do this is by sealing window frames, door frames and even recessed ceiling lighting fixtures. As a result, there will be less need for heating in winter or cooling in summer, so your wallet will be hurting a lot less.

Choose Florida Air Express

At Florida Air Express, we take a professional approach to updating and retrofitting insulation. We will improve overall energy efficiency by improving weatherization, air sealing—and if needed—insulation retrofits. This means reducing utility bills in both summer and winter.
You can come to us for the best in customer service and support, so don’t be afraid to enquire for our services; or grants and rebates in your area.


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