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HVAC systems are costly and complex. This means that when a problem occurs, most owners will contact an HVAC technician near where they live. However, these professionals charge a fee for their service, and you’ll want to avoid making the following six mistakes to ensure you get what you pay for.

Getting an Estimate on the Phone

Every job estimate should be arranged after the HVAC system has been thoroughly investigated. No matter how skilled a technician may be, it is not possible for them to provide you with a bid that is accurate over the phone. Be wary of anyone that does, because you might end up being misled with unexpected costs.

Not Verifying the Insurance and License Status of the Contractor

In many states, HVAC technicians must be insured and licensed, especially for projects above a specific amount. While it may seem cheaper to hire someone who is not licensed or insured, doing so is always a mistake that can lead to greater problems.

Not Checking Online Reviews

A reputable HVAC technician is someone that possess many years of experience and has positive reviews on websites like Google. The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money on someone who doesn’t deliver, so read through the reviews thoroughly to find out what people are saying, and if a contractor has poor reviews, you might want to steer clear of them.

Waiting Too Long to Hire Someone

When you detect a problem with your A/C system, it is easy to put it off, with the hope that it will get better or you will handle it in the future. Mechanical malfunctions rarely resolve themselves, and procrastination will only make the situation worse. If the problem is minor, you might be able to get it repaired affordably, but the longer you wait, the more likely the A/C will become damaged to the point where repair is no longer an option, and the system has to be completely replaced, meaning you’ll end up paying more.

Choosing a Technician by Price Rather than Quality

Few people want to spend a lot of money repairing their HVAC system. And while this is understandable, if you hire a contractor purely based on cost, instead of the quality of their work, it may lead to a poorly done job where the air conditioning will become worse and then you’ll have to hire someone else, which requires more money, time and stress. Hiring a reputable contractor that does the job correctly the first time will save you time, money and stress, even if you have to pay more upfront.

Not Getting Preventative Maintenance

This is another way HVAC owners attempt to save money, by avoiding annual maintenance. However, getting the machine inspected twice a year will prevent sudden and costly breakdowns from occurring, which can cause serious problems, particularly if you run a commercial business where you must keep valuable merchandise cool. Additionally, maintenance contracts can prove beneficial for commercial operators, since the equipment will be serviced on schedule.

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