upgrading your air conditioner, lakeland fl

Living in Florida, we enjoy warm and sunny weather for most of the year. Our average daytime temperatures are usually above 80°F between March and November. That means air conditioning systems in Winter Haven and surrounding communities are getting a daily workout keeping our homes cool and comfortable. However, your air conditioner can take a big bite out of your energy bill if your thermostat is not set at the proper temperature.

setting your a/c thermostat, auburndale flBest Thermostat Temperature in Summer

According to the Florida Public Service Commission and the U.S. Department of Energy, the ideal thermostat setting is 78°F. However, since Summer weather is notoriously humid, it may not be the most comfortable setting for your home in Central Florida, especially at night when you’re trying to sleep. A lower temperature is best for optimum energy savings and comfort. Some family members may prefer cooler homes while others want it a bit warmer. The best thing to do is lower the thermostat by 1-2 until you find the most desirable indoor temperature for your household.

At Night

If you’re not lowering the thermostat at night, you may not be sleeping as well as you should. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 65°F is the best temperature for sleeping.  Sleep experts recommend keeping bedrooms cool but not cold at night for better sleep. So, if 65°F is too cold, raise the thermostat two to three degrees until you reach a more desirable setting.

In Winter

Winter weather in the Lakeland area is typically mild, with lows in the 50s and highs in the 70s.  Although Florida winters are often not as cold as other parts of the country, it can still be chilly enough for many Floridians to crank up the heat. However, it’s best to set your thermostat between 60°F and 65°F during the winter to avoid higher energy bills.

When You’re Away from Home

The U.S Department of Energy estimates that homeowners can save 5% on energy costs by raising the thermostat 5 degrees in summer and lowering the it 5 degrees in winter when they are away from home for more than 8 hours like going to work, vacation, etc.

Energy Saving Tips

Install a programmable or smart thermostat

A smart/programmable thermostat will automatically adjust your thermostat to keep your home at the desired temperature throughout the day and night based on your family’s schedule.  It’s the best way to reduce energy costs without sacrificing comfort. Give us a call, and we’ll help you select the programmable or smart thermostat compatible with your existing central air and heating system.

Seal Doors and Windows

Air leaks in your home are not only wasting air conditioning, but they are also driving up energy costs. Simply sealing doors, windows, and other cracks in your home with caulk and weatherstripping is an easy way to cut energy bills.


If your home is more than 30 years old, it may need additional insulation to ensure it is adequately insulated from the attic to the foundation. A properly insulated home with higher R-values will keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, reducing heating and cooling costs.

upgrading your air conditioner, lakeland flGet an Energy Audit

Many electric utility providers offer free or low-cost home energy audits that will identify the specific energy efficiency improvements that will lower your electric bill. Weatherizing doors/windows, upgrading your air conditioner, and improving insulation, are just a few examples.

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