air conditioner fan repair, lake wales fl

Whether you have a packaged, split, or another type of air conditioner, the system contains various mechanical and electrical components that are required to deliver conditioned air through a network of ducts, registers, and vents in your Lake Wales Florida home. It’s normal to hear a low-volume noise when the AC operates as air moves through the vents. However, below are seven strange air conditioner noises you may hear and what they mean.

cleaning debris from the air conditioner, auburndale fl1. Buzzing

Hearing a monotonous buzzing sound coming from the A/C is not only annoying but typically indicates its time for a service call. The buzzing noise could be due to something as simple as dirt or debris build-up in the air filter or condenser. However, it could also indicate a more significant issue, such as loose fan blades or the pending failure of the blower or fan motor. If cleaning or replacing the air filter or doesn’t eliminate the noise, you should schedule a service call.

2. Squealing

Since they typically come and go, squealing noises can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint. However, squealing noises usually mean there is a problem with the fan belt or a damaged compressor. In either case, when you hear a squealing sound, turn off the A/C and contact Florida Air Express to schedule a service call with a trained AC repair technician in Polk County, Fl, to avoid further damage to the system.

3. Banging

It can be very startling and unnerving to hear a strange banging noise in the A/C suddenly. You may even notice that the noise gets louder as you get closer to the compressor. The strange noise could be due to a loose or damaged part. It may also mean that your compressor needs to be replaced. In any case, you should turn off the A/C and schedule a service call right away.

4. Whirring

One of the strangest A/C noises is hearing a whirring noise reminiscent of a helicopter flying above your house. It generally means there is a problem with the fan blades, hence the whirring helicopter-like noise. It could be an unbalanced or faulty blade or debris that is lodged in the outdoor fan unit. To avoid further damage to the fan blades or motor, avoid using the A/C until a service technician inspects the unit.

5. Rattling

A rattling noise is not something you typically expect to hear coming from your A/C. The weird sound could mean small pebbles, twigs, or other debris stuck in the outdoor unit. It may also signal a part in the compressor needs to be replaced. Your AC repair technician will diagnose the source of the rattling noise and correct the issue.

air conditioner fan repair, lake wales fl6. Humming

It is typical for the air conditioner system to make a slight humming sound when the motor is running. However, a loud humming sound is a cause for concern because it often means an electrical problem, such as a bad capacitor or a failing compressor.  You should turn off the AC until a trained technician inspects the system.

7. Whistling

Hearing an irritating high-pitch whistling noise usually means there is insufficient airflow in the intake vent. First, replace your air filter. A clogged air filter is a common cause of restricted airflow. If your AC is still whistling, an AC technician will inspect the ductwork for air leaks or other issues causing poor airflow circulation.

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