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Pool owners and builders have a range of alternatives to think about when selecting a pool heater. Customers must understand what size pool heater they require.

Bigger really is better, as they say. Larger heaters actually heat pools more quickly than smaller ones.

Determine the quantity of pool heater you need by doing the calculations necessary for pool heater sizing.

Determine Surface Area

The first step in choosing the right heater size is to determine the surface area of your pool. Many pool owners think that the size of the heater should be determined by the size of your pool. On certain websites, the gallonage stated is correct.

Your pool’s vast surface area will give the heat more room to leave, which will speed up water heating. Therefore, the heater needs to be big enough to cover the pool’s surface.

You may determine your pool’s surface area by multiplying its width by its length. The surface area of a 30 x 15 pool, for instance, is 450 square feet.

Surface Area Divided into Three

The minimum BTU size needed for the provided surface area is calculated by dividing the pool’s surface area by three. The 30 x 15 pool from the previous example is multiplied by 3 to get the number 150. As a result, 150,000 BTUs is the minimum heater size advised for a 30 x 15 pool.

Simply said, this is the minimal size that is advised. But it’s a good idea to set bigger objectives. When employing gas heaters, always size the equipment larger. The purpose of a pool heater is to replace the heat lost through the surface of your pool.

Explore Your Variables

Think about all the factors, such as whether you have a sun cover, the weather, and how often you use the pool, before making a choice. Additionally, heat loss, evaporation, and unexpected windy circumstances should be taken into account.

Next, you are altering the game’s rules by adding a sun cover. The ideal tag team for delivering the best heat in the quickest length of time is using a solar blanket in addition to your heater.

Calculator for Residential Gas Heater Size

By entering your desired temperature rise, the average air temperature, and your desired water temperature, some gas heater calculators may be customized for your city and state. By entering details about their pool and location as well as taking into account their actual location, pool owners may use the online calculator to select the appropriate heater size for their pool.

The calculator may also compare the price of direct-fire propane or natural gas heaters vs electric heat pumps. Customers may compare energy bills using this tool, which displays the typical temperatures for each location as well as the monthly cost of heating water to the requested temperature.

This makes it a very helpful tool for pool owners to understand the costs associated with heating their water as well as to develop a realistic strategy for when, if ever, they would want to close the pool.

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