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HVAC thermostat, lake wales, flFolks in Lake Wales and Polk County, Florida, want their air conditioner to last as long as possible. However, during periods when the weather is hot, or humidity is high, the a/c must work harder to dehumidify your home to keep it cool and comfortable. The additional system load can increase wear and tear, resulting in more frequent breakdowns, repairs, and a shorter lifespan. Fortunately, these seven simple tips can help extend the life expectancy of your air conditioner.

Tip #1: Replace Air Filters Regularly

Replacing air filters at least every 90 days will extend the life expectancy of your air conditioner and improve its performance. The a/c filter removes allergens, dust mites, pet dander, and other pollutants from its air intake, which is necessary for the a/c to return clean, fresh, conditioned air in your home. A clogged air filter is like having a stuffy nose. It restricts the air intake your AC system needs to operate efficiently. As a result, your A/C system will work harder, leading to more frequent breakdowns and premature replacement. It will also drive up energy bills.

Tip #2: Keep Outdoor Fan Unit Clean

Keeping the outdoor fan unit clean is another simple way to prolong your A/C’s lifespan. The outdoor fan releases the hot air removed from inside your home. When leaves, pebbles, pests, and outdoor debris enter the unit or block the fan guard, it can impede the airflow, reducing system performance. It can also damage the fan blades, motor, and electrical system, requiring a service call for the necessary repairs. Keep foliage around the outdoor unit neat and trim. If you’re unsure how to clean the outdoor unit, contact Florida Air Express to schedule a maintenance check-up.

Tip #3: Check Air Vents

Your central HVAC system circulates conditioned air through the ductwork and vents in your home. When dirt and dust clog the air vents, it can block the airflow. This can cause some rooms to feel warmer or cooler than others. The A/C will also work harder to maintain the desired indoor temperature, which can cause parts to wear out more quickly.

Tip #4: Raise Thermostat Setting When You Leave

Raising the thermostat setting two to five degrees when you leave your home for the day will reduce the frequency that your AC cycles on and off. As a result, it will prolong the lifespan of your air conditioner and save energy costs and too.

Tip #5: Close Window Blinds During the Day

Closing window blinds, curtains, and shades during the day will block out most of the sun’s heat, keeping your interior living space cooler during the warmer months and reducing your AC’s workload. It can also help reduce heat loss during the winter. Plus, you will also save 10% on your energy bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Tip #6: Ensure Home is Properly Insulated

Air leaks from windows, doors, and insufficient insulation in your home make your air conditioning system work harder to maintain the desired level of comfort. Also, the additional workload increases wear and tear and energy costs. Ensuring your windows and doors are weatherproof and your home is adequately insulated will extend the life expectancy of your A/C. The trained HVAC pros at Florida Air Express can help ensure your home in Winter Haven is well insulated.

air conditioner repair in Polk County, FLTip #7: Schedule Routine A/C Maintenance Inspections

Annual or semi-annual A/C inspections and tune-ups are some of the best ways to maximize the performance of your HVAC system. This multi-point inspection checks for leaks and electrical issues, refill fluids, replaces worn parts, and cleans the condenser unit and coils, to name a few. So, in addition to extending its useful life, your air conditioner will also have fewer breakdowns and repairs.

Start saving energy costs, reducing repairs, and extending the life of your air conditioner today. Call the local air conditioning experts at Florida Air Express at (863) 229-0137 or contact us online to schedule your air conditioning maintenance check-up in Polk County, FL.

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