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While most HVAC issues are moderate, there are situations that require an emergency response, especially if you’re a commercial food processor that must keep their ingredients at a specific temperature. Below are some additional instances where you’ll want to get emergency HVAC repairs.

Which Scenarios Constitute an Emergency?

Most air conditioning issues do not constitute an emergency, and at worst, you’ll experience some discomfort until the technician arrives. But there are circumstances that warrant a rapid response, such as:

  • The A/C is manifesting electrical problems, like continually tripping the breaker, dimming lights or you detect an electrical burning scent
  • You’re a restaurateur or someone involved with the food industry whose equipment has broken down, and the high temperature threatens to spoil costly produce or ingredients that must be kept at certain temperatures
  • The A/C is leaking excessively to the point where it may cause water damage and mold to priceless valuables
  • You’re caring for seniors or young children who are very sensitive to high temperatures

If you fall under any of the categories above, there are HVAC operators that can provide emergency assistance, even after hours.  However, it is important to make arrangements with them in advance, as this will speed up the process even further.

Why do HVAC Systems Break Down?

Any machine made by man is subject to mechanical malfunction, and Murphy’s Law dictates that what can go wrong will, at the worst possible time. The only remedy to this is preparation on your part. The most common mechanical issues include:

  • Issues with the control system or thermostat: If the batteries die, the control system or thermostat may prevent the A/C from activating
  • Condensate drainage: Air conditioning systems use condensate drains that are vulnerable to clogging. The technician will check them to ensure they aren’t, and if so will unclog them.
  • Electronic controls: While a faulty A/C can result from a worn out capacitor or compressor, it might also be the result of electronic controls which are adversely affected by the continual stopping and starting as well as on demand function.
  • Ductwork or Air filters: Both ductwork and air filters can become clogged, which will restrict the flow of air while disrupting the A/C’s capacity to eliminate moisture from the surrounding environment.

What to Expect When the Technician Arrives

During any emergency, it is essential to remain calm. Prior to the technician’s arrival, you’ll want to note the name of the manufacturer as well as the model number for the equipment. You’ll also need to find out if your A/C is warranty-covered. Do not touch the A/C unit or try to open it yourself.

Once the technician arrives they will take your system apart and inspect it to determine the source of the problem. Depending on the extent of the damage, they will recommend a repair or replacement. Regardless of which choice you make, you’ll want to consider setting up routine maintenance, especially if you handle food or other merchandise which is temperature-sensitive as a part of your business.

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