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When it comes to AC repair, you essentially have two choices: buy the part online or hire a licensed air conditioning professional for the repair. Unfortunately, some homeowners often mistakenly believe that buying parts online or making DIY repairs is less costly than hiring a licensed professional for repair. However, that isn’t always the case, especially when it involves something as complex as HVAC equipment.

trained hvac professionals, lake wales flTraining

Licensed AC repair technicians must have in-depth training and knowledge in electrical, plumbing, and ventilation systems to diagnose and repair HVAC issues quickly, safely, and reliably for many different makes and models. They also use trained in the use professional specialty tools that are necessary to perform most repairs. Without the proper tools, training, and access to genuine factory parts, you may end up ordering the wrong part, installing it incorrectly, and damaging your air conditioner system. A $200 online part could end up costing $500 more when you must call a professional technician to get your AC or heater back up and running again after trying to fix it yourself.


AC repair technicians don’t typically install parts that customers purchase online for many reasons. First, air conditioning manufacturers typically make their parts inventory available only to licensed repair technicians and are usually not available for sale online. Second, the online part may be an aftermarket part that looks like it works with the original equipment manufacturer but is of lesser quality than the genuine part from the factory-authorized dealer or service technician.  Third, a licensed HVAC technician can’t warranty a part or repair when they can’t vouch for the source. Finally, a professional service technician will only warranty repairs for parts and labor they provide and install to protect the customer.


Performing DIY repairs on HVAC equipment can be hazardous. Licensed service technicians are skilled in testing, diagnosing, and repair of various electrical components, such as wiring, circuit boards, and motors, to name a few. Trying to fix the fan motor, replacing a heat pump, or cleaning the evaporator coils, for instance, could result in electric shock, severe equipment damage, and fire if you do not have experience with complex electrical systems. Likewise, while recharging refrigerants may seem like a simple task, it must be performed by a licensed HVAC repair technician, as refrigerant hazardous, and incorrect leak repairs or refrigerant replacement could result in you and your family & pets being exposed to harmful contaminants.

replace ac filter, auburndale flHomeowner Maintenance – Air Filter Replacement

Replacement air filters are inexpensive and readily available online or at your local hardware retailer. Changing an AC air filter is a simple task that any homeowner can do without placing a service call. Air filters trap dust, allergens, and other particulates, so they don’t get into the AC system.  A clogged air filter restricts intake airflow, and your AC may not perform efficiently. For optimum performance, air filters should be cleaned or changed at least every 90 days unless otherwise specified by your AC manufacturer.

Expert HVAC Repair

Florida Air Express provides expert maintenance, service, and repairs, for most HVAC brands and models. Our licensed technicians provide fast, reliable service throughout the Winter Haven-Lakeland area. We also offer affordable air conditioning maintenance contracts that include preventative check-ups and savings on repairs.

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