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We Floridians depend on our air conditioning systems. To keep your air conditioner in top shape and able to bring you the cooling and comfort you need, here are some considerations from Florida Air Express of Lakeland, FL.

air conditioner tune up, auburndale flWhy tune-ups are important for your AC system

Regular air conditioning tune-ups, when performed by a licensed AC professional, bring you many benefits. Here are a few of them.

Spot early signs of wear, damage and malfunction

There’s a lot going on inside your air conditioning system that you can’t see. A skilled technician knows your system inside and out and can easily spot early signs of problems.

Loose belts, components that are beginning to fail and other concerns will be accurately diagnosed during a tune-up. This service will prevent “small” issues from turning into major repairs, costing more money.

With regular air conditioning tune-ups, you’ll be taking a great step toward ensuring that your system runs as it should, when you need it.

Enhance system performance

Many people think of air conditioning in terms of “either it works, or it doesn’t.”  The fact is, a system can run for quite a while in a less-than-optimal state, which can cost you more to operate and lead to significant damage problems down the line.

Regularly scheduled tune-ups will make sure that every component and part of your residential or commercial AC unit is running optimally and as efficiently as possible.

Cool in your home when you need it

There’s nothing as frustrating on a blazing Florida afternoon than coming home and finding out your air conditioning is only delivering moderately cool air. Even having to go through this for one day is something we’ll do just about anything to avoid.

Fortunately, a trained AC service technician can keep this from happening. During a tune-up, your tech will closely check all elements of the cooling system and alert you to issues with components that can limit the amount of cool coming into your home.

Most air conditioning professionals who provide tune-ups also offer a full range of repair and parts replacement services.

Better indoor air quality

Air conditioning systems remove all kinds of particles and pollutants from your home’s air. If your AC isn’t serviced regularly, dirt and debris can build up and end up circulating in your breathing air.

Quality air inside a home is important for everyone, but it’s especially important for people who are prone to allergies and other upper respiratory conditions.

professional air conditioner maintenance, lake wales fl

Make your AC system last longer

Finally, regular air conditioning tune-ups will help to increase the life of your system. When your system was installed new, it had a life expectancy given by the manufacturer. This life expectancy is accurate – but only if you have the system properly maintained according to manufacturer recommendations.

A few small air conditioning repairs along the way are a lot better than a complete new system installation after years of neglect. Your AC technician will keep you apprised of the condition of your system and tell you when it’s time to think about replacing it. With regular maintenance, this shouldn’t happen for many years.

Keep your air conditioning in excellent shape

Florida Air Express is ready to help with all your AC tune-up, repair, component replacement and system installation needs. Speak with an air conditioning expert by calling (863) 229-0137, or reach us through our contact form.

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