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Many homeowners in Lake Wales, FL, often wonder why their air conditioner is constantly running, especially on those hot and humid days that we often experience throughout Polk County. The constant cycling of an AC is not just annoying; it drives up utility bills, increases wear and tear on the a/c system, and can make your home less comfortable. Here are five common reasons why your air conditioner is constantly running.

dirty air conditioner filter, lake wales flClogged Air Filter

A clean air filter is essential to ensuring your air conditioner is running efficiently. When the air filter is not regularly replaced and becomes dirty or clogged, it restricts the airflow’s intake. The lack of airflow through the air handler unit will cause the AC to seem like it is constantly operating as it struggles to maintain the desired room temperature. In addition to higher energy bills, a clogged air filter also increases wear and tear on the system, resulting in more frequent service calls and repairs. Replace your air filter at least every three months or as specified by the AC manufacturer.

Dirty Evaporator or Condenser Coil

Your air conditioner relies on a set of evaporator coils in the air handler unit and condenser coils in the condenser unit to remove the warm indoor air and humidity, transfer it to the refrigerant and return cool air in your home while releasing the hot air outside. When the evaporator coils are dirty, usually due to a clogged air filter, or the condenser coils are filled with debris, your AC will have difficulty cooling your home, and it will constantly run to maintain the thermostat setting, increasing energy costs. Scheduling an AC maintenance check-up every six months will help ensure your AC is operating efficiently. In addition, if you have pets or your coils keep accumulating dust, installing an air purifier can help keep the evaporator coils clean.

Refrigerant is Low or Leaking

When the refrigerant is low or is leaking, the air conditioner will have difficulty cooling your home at the desired thermostat setting, causing it to operate constantly. You may even notice that the air blowing through the vents is warm. You may also hear a bubbling or hissing sound, and there may be ice build-up on the line. Since a refrigerant leak can expose occupants to harmful fumes, you should turn off the air conditioner and contact a qualified and trained AC technician like Florida Air Express in Winter Haven, FL, to repair any leaks and refill the refrigerant.

Insufficient Insulation

Insufficient insulation in your home is another common reason your air conditioner is constantly running, especially during the afternoon, or on hot or humid days in the summer. Every home in Florida needs a certain amount of insulation to keep your home comfortable. However, insulation can deteriorate over time due to normal wear, moisture, pests, and dirt. Without sufficient insulation, your air conditioner will have to work harder. Also, the frequent cycling to maintain the desired indoor temperature will seem like the AC is constantly running. It will also increase energy and repair costs and can ultimately lead to premature replacement.

Undersized/Oversized AC Unit

For maximum energy efficiency and optimum performance, the air conditioning system must be the right size for your home’s square footage. An undersized air conditioner will not have the capacity to cool your home causing it to work inefficiently. It will also increase wear and tear, leading to frequent air conditioning repairs and premature replacement. On the other hand, an AC that is too big for the home is also inefficient due to its frequent cycling to maintain the desired indoor temperature. In addition, its uneven cooling will not properly dehumidify the indoor air and will make your home less comfortable as some rooms will feel warmer or cooler than others.

air conditioner repair, lakeland flAir Conditioning Service

If your air conditioner is constantly running, contact FAE to schedule a service call anywhere in Lakeland and Polk County, Florida. Our trained and knowledgeable AC technicians will diagnose the issue and recommend the repairs to increase efficiency, reduce energy costs, and make your home more comfortable all year long.

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