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Do you ever wonder why some rooms are warmer or cooler than others in your house? You’re not alone. A common HVAC issue is inconsistent cooling or heating for many homeowners here in the Winter Haven-Lakeland community. The problem is typically resolved through a process known as air balancing.  Air balancing includes a series of tests and adjustments that a qualified HVAC technician performs to improve the performance of your central a/c and heating system ensuring optimal and consistent airflow to every room in your home. Air balancing not only makes your home more comfortable all year round, but it also lowers energy bills and reduces wear and tear on your HVAC system.

air ductwork insulation, lake wales flWhat Causes Air Balancing Issues

Air balancing issues can be caused by many factors, including obstructions, long ductwork, damaged ducts or joints, and insufficient insulation, for instance. Also, if you have a lot of electronics in your home, the heat from the equipment can offset the indoor temperature affecting the balance of your HVAC system. Furniture that is too close or blocking the registers or air return vent can also cause air balancing issues. Windows that are exposed to direct sunlight and air leaks can cause an air imbalance like hot spots.

Signs Your HVAC System May Need Balancing

If you notice one or more of the following signs in your home, your HVAC system may need air balancing:

Inconsistent temperatures

When your HVAC system isn’t running efficiently, you may notice hot spots or cold spots in one or more rooms in your home.

Higher utility bills

An unbalanced HVAC system operates for more extended periods to maintain the desired temperature, which increases energy costs. It also causes additional wear on the system, resulting in more frequent repairs.

Insufficient airflow

An unbalanced system can restrict airflow. You may notice that there is very little conditioned air coming through some of your air vents.

Poor indoor air quality

A change in air quality, such as noticing more dust around the house, increased allergy symptoms, and a foul odor around the air vents, are some of the common signs that your HVAC system may need balancing.

How to Balance Your Home’s Airflow

using vents for HVAC air balancing, kathleen flFollow the following steps to balance the heating or air conditioning airflow.

  1. Set your thermostat to 76F. It’s the ideal temperature setting for conducting an air balance test. Maintain the temperature setting for 24 hours.
  2. In rooms that are too cool when using the AC or too warm when using the heating, close the air vents very slightly.
  3. Wait another 24 hours and re-check the rooms
  4. Continue adjusting the air vents slightly every 24 hours until you reach the desired comfort level, but don’t close the air vent completely.

HVAC Air Balancing in Winter Haven

For optimal results, it is best to consult with an experienced HVAC specialist like Florida Air Express that has the training and equipment to conduct air balancing tests. The results of an air balancing test will provide a complete picture of the conditioned air flowing through the ducts and vents in your home, allowing us to pinpoint problem areas so we can make the correct adjustments to improve your HVAC system performance.

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