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Since the winter season in Florida is typically short and mild, not all homes have a separate heating unit or furnace for heat. For this reason, many homes have AC units that use electric heat strips for heating during these cold snaps. However, it looks like this winter may be a bit colder and last longer than usual, which will have many of us reaching for the thermostat to turn up the heat. If your AC unit is not providing sufficient heat to keep your home warm and comfortable, it may need servicing to determine whether the heating elements are working correctly.

If your heat isn’t working properly reach out now!

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heater repair in lakeland flWhat are Electric Heat Strips?

So, what exactly is an electric heat strip. Essentially, it is a mechanical element that uses a series of coils wired into the air handler unit (AHU) in your AC system. It works on the same principle as the heating element in an electric cooktop. When you adjust the temperature on those cold days to warm up your home, the electric coils heat up, and the fan blows the warm air into your home without the expense of a separate furnace unit or heat pump.

Electric Heat Strip Problems

Like the heating element on an electric stove, the steel coils in the heating strip connected to your air conditioner unit can wear out over time, mainly if you use heat more often than usual. The wiring harness that connects the heat strip to the AHU can also become worn, frayed, or damaged, causing it to malfunction. If your AC system isn’t generating sufficient heat or any heat at all, the electric heat strip kit may need repair or replacement. Only a qualified AC technician should service your air conditioning heat strip to avoid electric shock or further damage to the unit.

new heat pump installation in Winter Haven FL

Electric Heat Strip Vs. Heat Pump

While an electric heat strip is an affordable option for converting your air conditioner into a temporary heater, it is only meant for short-term use during cooler weather. Also, heat strips are a less efficient home heating source than a heat pump or furnace. So, using a heat strip for extended periods or in below-freezing weather can increase energy costs and cause it to wear out more quickly.

Another option is to install a heat pump that will work in conjunction with your electric heat strip. It will give you plenty of heat when you need it on those lingering colder days and even in freezing conditions without driving up your electric bill. It will also reduce wear and tear on the heating element. A heat pump is also a more affordable option than a furnace and has a service life of 10 to 15 years or more.

Heating Repair Service in Winter Haven

Whether you are having trouble with your air conditioner or heater, the factory-authorized service technicians at Florida Air Express will get your system up and running quickly. We provide air conditioning and heating repair in Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Polk County, Florida communities. Call (863) 229-0137 or visit our contact page to schedule a service appointment today!

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