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The air conditioner has many moving parts that work together to deliver conditioned heat or cool air throughout your home. When the unit is operating normally, it should be relatively quiet, other than the soothing sounds of air flowing through the vents. However, when your air conditioning system is producing strange or loud noises, it is often an indicator that one or more parts are failing or about to fail. The type of noise can help pinpoint the problem. If you’re hearing strange noises from the air conditioning, it is best to have it checked out by a licensed ac technician before a major failure occurs.


Air Conditioning leak detection, winter haven flWhen your AC is making a hissing sound, it usually means there is a leak somewhere along the line. It could be an air leak in the ductwork; or escaping gas in a leaking refrigerant line, a more severe and potentially hazardous issue. When a leak occurs in the refrigerant line, it impedes the performance of the HVAC system, and you may notice it isn’t cooling or heating efficiently. It also increases energy bills. Refrigerant contains toxic chemicals and exposure can be harmful to your health and lead to refrigerant poisoning. If you hear a hissing, bubbling, or gurgling sound, turn off the air conditioner and contact an AC service technician right away.


It is normal to hear a low-level hum of the fan and motor when the AC is running. However, when the noises are louder than usual, it could be an issue with the fan or motor in the compressor. It could be due to leaves, twigs, or debris interfering with the fan blades or an internal electrical problem. The best thing to do is turn off the air conditioner and schedule a service call with your AC technician.


A buzzing sound coming from the air conditioner may indicate an electrical problem such as frayed or loose wiring or connections. Other potential causes are loose nuts, bolts, or fan blades. Since an electrical issue is a fire hazard, avoid using the AC until a service technician diagnoses the specific problem.


It can be startling to hear rattling noises from the AC suddenly. One potential issue could be leaves or debris blown into the compressor and hitting the fan blades. It could also indicate a more serious issue: worn or bent fan blades, loose hardware, or a damaged component. A professional service technician can diagnose the AC and recommend the necessary repairs quickly.

repairing ac unit, auburndale flClicking

Hearing a constant clicking or popping sound is usually a sign of an electrical problem such as a faulty switch, contactor, capacitor, or thermostat. The air conditioner system, including the heat pump, furnace, and compressor, contains electrical wiring and components that can make clicking sounds when not operating correctly. Turn off the AC and schedule a service call with an AC technician to avoid further damage to the unit.

Hearing loud or unusual noises from the air conditioner requires immediate attention to prevent further damage to the system. The certified technicians at Florida Air Express perform quality AC repairs on most makes and models. Our on-site AC Repair Service is available 24/7.

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