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The Benefits of a Two-Stage Furnace

We at Florida Air Express are committed to giving our clients the greatest HVAC options for their homes. The two-stage furnace is one such option, and it has a number of advantages in terms of efficiency and comfort.

How It Works

A two-stage furnace provides two levels of heat production, as the name implies. This implies that depending on the temperature and other ambient factors in your home, it can modify its heating capability. The furnace will run on its lowest setting in milder weather, producing just enough heat to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. The furnace will automatically change to its higher setting to offer additional heat when the temperature dips.

Advantages of a Two-Stage Furnace

There are many advantages to this two-stage process. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

  • Reliability

One benefit is that it can make your home’s heating more reliable and even. A two-stage furnace can offer a softer and more continuous flow of warm air, as opposed to a single burst of hot air followed by an abrupt stop, which can help to reduce cold patches and drafts.

  • Comfort

A two-stage furnace can increase your comfort while also increasing the effectiveness of your HVAC system. The furnace doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a pleasant temperature because it can change its heating capacity dependent on the temperature in your home. This may result in cheaper energy costs and a longer HVAC system lifespan.

  • Noise

A two-stage furnace also has the advantage of being quieter than a conventional single-stage furnace. It doesn’t have to operate constantly at full power because it doesn’t have to use as much effort to generate heat. This can lower noise levels and increase comfort levels within your home.

Florida Air Express Can Help!

Working with a qualified HVAC specialist who can assist you in selecting the best size and type of furnace for your needs is essential if you’re thinking of installing a two-stage furnace in your home. Florida Air Express has years of experience assisting Central Florida customers in choosing and installing the best HVAC systems for their homes. In addition to offering professional installation and maintenance services to keep your system in top shape, we can assist you in choosing the size and capacity of furnace that is ideal for your home.

We provide a variety of alternative HVAC solutions in addition to a two-stage furnace to support you in maintaining a cozy and effective home. We can offer everything you need to keep the HVAC system in your house operating at peak efficiency, from air conditioning systems to duct cleaning services.


For households in Central Florida, a two-stage furnace can offer a number of advantages in terms of comfort and effectiveness. A two-stage furnace can offer constant and equal warmth throughout your home while also lowering energy costs and noise levels by automatically adapting to changing environmental circumstances. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Florida Air Express if you have any questions about two-stage furnaces or any of our other HVAC solutions. We are always willing to assist.

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