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Pool Heater Installation with Florida Air Express

If you own a pool in Central Florida, you know how wonderful it is to take a swim in the cold water, especially during the hot summer months. But, as winter approaches, the water temperature drops and swimming becomes less and less fun. That is why pool heaters are such a popular purchase in this area. They not only keep the water warm all year, but they also provide a slew of other advantages that make pool ownership more enjoyable. Consider investing in a pool heater from Florida Air Express, a renowned HVAC company that also specializes in pool heater installation.

In today’s article, we’ll go over the different types of pool heaters, the installation process, and the advantages of hiring a professional to do it.

Why Would You Want to Heat Your Pool?

A pool heater is a good investment for Central Florida pool owners. There are numerous reasons why you should heat your pool, including:

  • Improved Comfort

By heating your pool, you can swim all year long, regardless of the season. This means you can enjoy the benefits of exercise, relaxation, and entertainment that come with having a pool for a much longer period of time. Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise, and when you heat your pool, you may enjoy it all year long. Swimming is excellent for cardiovascular health, weight loss, and muscle development. Furthermore, the warm water might aid to relax achy muscles and joints.

  • Property Value Increase

A pool is a substantial investment, and heating it can add even more value to your home. A heated pool might be a big selling point if you decide to sell your house.

  • More Enjoyable

Let’s face it; swimming in a cold pool is rarely enjoyable. When you heat your pool, you improve the experience for yourself, your family, and your guests. You’ll find yourself spending more time relaxing and having fun in the pool.

Pool Heater Types

Now that you understand the advantages of heating your pool, let’s look at the many types of pool heaters. Pool heaters are classified into three types: electric, gas, and solar.

Electric pool heaters are the most prevalent type of pool warmer and are powered by electricity. They are simple to install, inexpensive, and efficient, and may be used to heat pools of any size. They function by heating the water as it flows through an electrically driven heating element.

Gas pool heaters use natural gas or propane to heat the water in your pool. They are quick and efficient, and can heat your pool to the desired temperature in just a few hours. They are also useful for colder climates where electric heaters may struggle to meet demand.

Solar pool warmers are powered by the sun and employ solar panels to gather and absorb the sun’s energy. They are the most environmentally responsible solution because they do not consume any fossil fuels and can save you a significant amount of money on your energy costs in the long term. They function best in areas with a lot of sunlight.

How Florida Air Express Can Help

The installation of a pool heater is dependent on the type of heater you select. Electric and gas pool heaters are relatively simple to install and can be completed in a matter of hours by an expert. Solar pool heaters necessitate the installation of solar panels as well as a pipe system to carry hot water to your pool. They are, however, still reasonably simple to install and may be accomplished in a day or two.

With the experts at Florida Air Express, you won’t have to worry about any step of the process. From deciding which pool heater type is best for your home to the installation itself, we can help. Contact us today!

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