Other Common Problems with Air Conditioners

We’ve talked previously about some of the common problems you can run into with an AC unit. We’ll be explaining even more common problems you may run into with your air conditioning unit here as well.

AC System Freezing

You will notice ice around the AC coil and/or the copper lineset if the system is working too hard to keep your home cooled. Taking care of this issue can save you a lot on your energy bills!

While it’s normal for air conditioners in warmer cities to work harder in hot weather, it’s not normal for a system to freeze up. Dirty filters or condenser units can make an AC work twice as hard for the same cooling amount. If you’ve changed your filter recently, you should have one of our experts out to check for obstructions.

AC Tripping the Circuit Breaker Repeatedly

A frustrating problem – that interrupts your day, is when your air conditioner trips a fuse every time it kicks on.

The main cause for this problem is poor installation, having the cheapest guy come out and install your air conditioner isn’t a good idea – as there’s complex wiring that will trip a breaker if it’s not rated for your unit’s output. The best option if this is happening is having one of our guys come out and handle it, electrical systems are dangerous for untrained individuals to handle!

Strange Smells coming from the System

Another sign of a problem is a burning smell, musty odors–other strange smells. You may notice these coming from the vents or even the main unit if you are near.

Electrical odors can mean that the motor has wiring issues, if you have clogged air filters it can cause the system to overheat. This leads to a burning smell, and you should turn off the AC right away – if the filters look dirty, replace them. It’s important to have your system regularly cleaned to avoid these odors, trust our pros to take care of this! If there is a mildew smell, meaning there’s likely a leak, our technicians can take care of it for you.

Hearing Weird Noises

If you suddenly start hearing weird sounds that you haven’t before, throw up a red flag! Strange vibrations, squeals, or grinding noises mean there’s something urgent.

Squealing usually means that a belt is worn out or poorly aligned, but grinding noises are more serious. They’re often a signal for problems with the motor bearings. We’ll fix the underlying problem–making the loud noises go away. During our regular service, our pros take the time to make sure all the parts are in good condition and lubricated, protecting the whole unit.

Contact Our Experts

You should take the time to contact our experts today, to have these problems taken care of before they create an even bigger mess. We are always ready to take care of AC unit care, repair, replacement, and regular maintenance! Call one of our experts today.

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