Ductwork Cleaning and Your HVAC Maintenance

It’s something that a lot of us don’t think about on any given day, but it’s an important thing to remember: your HVAC system, especially in this Florida heat, will run a LOT better with regular maintenance. With that in mind, ductwork cleaning is going to be on the top of your list of services you should be scheduling, ASAP! Just because you replace your air filters and any damaged parts (that you know about) doesn’t mean you’re doing all you can be doing to keep yourself cool.

Your air ducts are constantly filtering dirt, dust, and all sorts of airborne nasties that don’t leave just because you’ve changed your filter! All of this gunk could be clogging up your airflow right now, and you might not even be aware of it!

So, what are some signs that you need to get your ductwork done?

1. Visible Growth of Biological Contaminants

If there are signs of mold or other biological contaminants on the surface of your ducts or in any other components, that’s a good sign that it’s time to clean them. Moisture from condensation thanks to your AC unit can also affect insulated ducts, so if you’ve seen any signs of water, you’re immediately at risk of the growth of biological contaminants. An expert service tech from Florida Air Express will be able to access hard-to-reach spaces parts of your HVAC system for inspection, and while they’re there, will also be able to check the levels of contaminants inside.

As stated by the EPA, however, if you’ve found that the conditions in your ducts assist in the growth of molds and other biological contaminants, trying to simply handle the problem yourself via cleaning your air ducts probably won’t be enough to solve the problem. That’s why your best bet is to let the professionals handle it. We’ll send out one of our service techs to correct the issues that are causing the growth of biological contaminants and molds.

2. Presence of Vermin

When it starts getting too cold or hot out, insects and (even worse) rodents can use your ducts to make their homes. Because these tiny passages are warm during the cold days and cool during the hotter ones, you’re likely to see them rear their ugly faces no matter where you live. One way of being to tell whether or not there vermin in your ducts is if you can detect a pungent smell coming from the ducts, but the most tell-tale sign is being able to hear their scurrying movements at night or during the day.

If not properly dealt with, these pests can cause any number of problems. Dying in your vents and causing unwanted stenches, blocking conditioned airflow, and even damage!

3. Dust Is Flowing into Your Home – Get to Ductwork Cleaning!

You might not notice if you’re not up to date on your spring ductwork cleaning, but if you’re seeing signs of dust and dirt flowing through the air or coating the surfaces of your home, this is a bad sign! Dust can accumulate inside your air ducts, coating the system’s insides and allowing the nasty particles to flow back into the home.

Call us at Florida Air Express, where we can help you not just with your HVAC unit, but any indoor air quality issues, maintenance services, or ductwork you might need done. Meet up with our professionals today and let us help you!


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