Benefits of Solar Panel Pool Heaters

Summer, with its long days and backyard pool parties, is coming to an end. But before you pack up your bathing suits for good and close up the pool house for another year, think twice! Though it’s tempting to mourn this season’s passing—as we all know summer has a way of making just about everything more fun—there is still plenty of time left in the year during which you can enjoy swimming at home, especially if you’ve got a solar pool heater at your disposal.

Are you on the fence about making your next big pool purchase? Allow us to detail a few benefits you’ll have in your pocket if you make the jump to becoming an owner of your very own solar-powered pool heater!

  1. Extend Your Swim Season!

Studies have shown that around fifteen percent of adults and thirty percent of Americans between the ages of seven and seventeen go swimming only around six or more times yearly. As expected, the majority of those swimming sessions will happen during the summer, with the average pool owner only getting the bliss of being able to dip their toes for three months out of the year! If you’ve already spent the thousands of dollars installing the pool in the first place, what’s so bad about extending your swim season by a few months?

  1. Save Your Energy

There are two ways that your solar-powered pool heater saves energy: Firstly, utilizes natural energy to heat your pool. Like it says on the tin, solar heaters utilize a solar connector advice to harness the sun’s energy, which assists in circulating your pool’s water and increasing the water temperature from the sun’s heat.

Second, during the summer, it will use the same process it does during the day to cool the pool at night.

  1. Save the Environment

Because solar panel pool heaters save energy, they are also more environmentally friendly than other types of pool heating systems. Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of energy we have currently, because it doesn’t produce harmful emissions that can hurt the planet (like C02). Instead, solar energy is harvested from the sun’s radiation to power your pool heating system.

  1. Save Money

If you’ve ever used a traditional pool heater to heat your swimming pool in the cooler months, then you know how costly it can be. Solar pool heaters can help not only by reducing your heating costs, but also requiring minimal operating expenses.

Research has shown that natural gas heaters cost an average of $1,400 to $4,800 per year while solar-powered heaters require a maximum yearly expenditure of only $0 to 120. Since your heater doesn’t require fossil fuels or electricity, you can save money on your energy bill while gaining the benefits of solar radiation.

  1. Less Maintenance

Because solar heaters are so efficient and require little maintenance, they can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year. Along with that, your solar-powered heater will last 15 to 20 years or more. Compared to something like a gas pool heater, which lasts only five years or more, the difference is obvious. However, that doesn’t mean you can call off the yearly inspection!

That’s where we come in. Give Florida Air Express a call and we can assist you in either installing your pool heater, or inspecting it. Help us make your summer brighter!


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