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Best Air Conditioner Temperature

Setting your Air Conditioner Temperature.

Best Air Conditioner Temperature

Before too long, winter will be over and the warmer months will start to set in. That means it’s time to start using your air conditioner at full blast again! Whether you’ve got a window unit or a full central air system, it’s important to stay cool during the summer and beat the heat.

Unfortunately, though it might make you and your loved ones comfortable, it’s also gonna make your energy bills climb. This is an average, but it can cost anywhere from 25 to 35 cents an hour, just for a 36-square-foot room! Now just think about a larger one–that can cost you up to a whole dollar per hour, at just fifty square feet!

What’s the Best Temperature to Set Your Air Conditioning?

One great way to lower the cost of your bills is to simply keep your AC’s thermostat at a reasonable temperature. This will keep you from using too much energy, and will keep costs low, just how you like it! The trouble is finding the balance. You want your wallet to feel some relief, but you probably need it a little more than your billfold does! So, we need to figure out the perfect setting for you–one that feels great, but doesn’t break the bank to maintain.

Micromanaging Your Thermostat!

Here’s how you can make that magic happen: start with setting your thermostat high. This might seem counterintuitive, but you’re better off seeing the hottest temperature you’ll be comfortable at to save the most amount of money.

If 78 degrees is your sweet spot, great! But try ONE degree higher. Then keep increasing until you find a temperature that’s just too unpleasant to stand. Then you know the upper range of what you can handle, and that’ll help you keep in mind just how high you can go if you aren’t saving enough dough.

From there, just start bumping the temperature down by one degree, but remember to try to leave it as high as you can! This will save you the most amount of money in the long run. It’s important to keep in mind that every time you bump it lower, you’re just adding more money onto your bill. You can save up to ten percent annually just by raising the temperature just seven to ten degrees eight hours a day.

Adjust the Temperature with Fans

78 degrees is a little high for most people, but never fear! That’s what your good old ceiling fans are for, and if you have any extras, you’re better off plugging them in than running your entire unit. These won’t create colder air, but they will push around the cool breeze from your AC and circulate it around the house.

The best time to use them is when you’re out of the house, that’s when you’ll notice the real difference. And these fans pack more of a punch than you’d imagine. The United States Department of Energy says that using a ceiling fan can make a room feel up to four degrees colder! Make sure that you have your fans rotating counterclockwise, this will ensure that all the air is being pushed down towards you instead of blowing everywhere else.

Adjust Your Thermostat According to the Time of Day

At night, there’s no need to use so much power to cool everything down, thanks to the cooler temperatures night has to offer. But we at Florida Air Express know how bad those hot nights can get, so just try to do it while you’re awake. Certain thermostats even offer the ability to schedule settings changes, so be sure to mention this on your next service call!

We’re happy to help you in not just being informed, but in keeping you and your family comfortable in the oncoming summer months. Set an appointment today!

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